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Sylvia Phuong, MSOM, LAc

Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist.

13 years experience.

1439 Rayford Road

Spring, TX 77386

713 922-5030


2 Comments on Professionally Provided Chinese Medicine

  1. Susan Cork says:

    My daughter received accupunture with Sylvia Phuong. We found her to be very professional and comforting. My daughter had a knotty muscle that mainstream doctor said nothing could be done and could take months to heal. We were very pleased with the care received with accupuncture with Sylvia.

  2. Willie L Darnell says:

    In March 2009 my wife was in terrible pain in her back and legs because of arthritis.
    She had several shots in her spin and the pain would go away for about 3 months and come back.
    I finally decided to try acupuncture. I made the first appointment for the wife and she said there was a little relief for about a week till the next appointment. After that appointment she had no pain till August 2011 before I had to make another appointment. It lasted till 2013. We moved to Arkansas and tried another acupuncturist/chiropractor and learned not to go there. In January 2014 my wife had back surgery they removed a lot of arthritis. She has been on pain medicine. I decided to get her another treatment we were in Texas. Sylvia Phuong is just great and so for the only one I trust. If you are in pain try her at least twice please.

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